J. E. Mullat

Experimentations Implementing Monotone Systems Theory in Bargaining Games, Data Analysis and for Cosmological Speculations (pdf)

Abstract. The Monotone Systems phenomenon specifies and formalizes the intuitive notion of arrangement, succession, or composition of items in lists and topologies of various types. The theory was first developed by the author in 1971, and was sub-sequently further enhanced, resulting in its publication in Russian periodical of MAIK in 1976. Plenum Publishing Corporation (currently, Nova Science Publishers, Inc.) originally distributed the English version. In the present collection of articles focusing on the Monotone (or Monotonic, MS) System phenomenon, we introduce a Totality of lists or topologies, any of which, as a Totality representative, is characterized by numerical credentials possessing monotone property. Credentials depend on sub-lists or sub-topologies they are chosen from. Credentials are increasing or decreasing along with the partial order of lists or sub-topologies by inclusion that reflects credentials’ dynamic nature obeying the property.